The 10 Best Destinations for a Golf Stag Do in 2024


So you want to book a golf stag do, but where the hell do you start?

As if booking a golf trip wasn’t enough, it now involves organising a stag do as well.

Where will you go? Where will you tee off? Where will you get the swing oil flowing?

Here at Groupia Golf, we bring fun to the fairways, so our experts know a thing or two about killer stag do golf holidays.

Check out our list of the 10 best destinations for a golf stag do in 2024, get into the swing of things, and create unforgettable memories on the greens.

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Algarve – Portugal

Costa del Sol – Spain

Dublin – Ireland

Majorca – Spain

Lisbon – Portugal

Bristol – England

Tenerife – Spain

Edinburgh – Scotland

Cardiff – Wales

Bournemouth – England

Algarve – Portugal


The fairways. The sun. The beaches. It’s a golfer’s paradise and perfect for a group of stags craving a golf-centred celebration for the groom.

Home to some of Europe’s best fairways and resorts, it’s a legendary combination.

From the stunning Vale do Lobo Royal Course to the world-class Quinta do Lago South Course you might struggle to narrow down where you’ll tee off—but why not just play both?

Now the crucial part: nightlife. Look no further than Portugal’s party city, Albufeira. Hit the beach bars, soak up the Mediterranean sun, enjoy sublime food and don’t forget Super Bock!

Albufeira is a bouncing city and certainly the perfect fit for the big man’s send-off.

🍻 Average Beer Price: €3.20

🍽 Local Dish: Cataplana

Costa del Sol – Spain


It’s a prime location for golf stag dos. If the lads want iconic fairways, insane nightlife, and beautiful weather, then this Southern region of Spain is the go-to.

Costa del Sol has luxury resorts scattered across the coast, some with fairways just a putting distance from the accommodation.

Our favourite is La Cala Hotel, and it’s not hard to see why. Otherwise, Marbella Golf & Country Club is a highlight, with buggy bars bringing you ice-cold refreshments on the course.

The nightlife speaks for itself here. With two stag titans on your destination hitlist, you’ve got one classic stag do location in Benidorm and the glitzy and glamorous Marbella in another.

Hit the beach after a round and cool off with a pint of Estrella.

🍻 Average Beer Price: €3.00

🍽 Local Dish: Gazpachuelo

Dublin – Ireland


It’s home to some of the best loops in the world and an absolute classic stag do location.

We just can’t get enough of the Portmarnock Resort, situated on The Pale, a classic links with a Jameson halfway house serving Guinness and whiskies (some Dutch courage for the back nine).

This bad boy often features in the Top 100, so it’s a true bucket-lister, and worthy of the groom’s last weekend of freedom.

After whopping the stags on the links, Dublin is calling. The city centre is oozing with culture, live music, and one hell of an atmosphere.

Check out the craic in Temple Bar for the ultimate stag do experience.

🍻 Average Beer Price: €6.50

🍽 Local Dish: Dublin Coddle

Majorca – Spain


A small island that packs a punch! Many consider Majorca a golfing hidden gem, with sublime weather and world-famous nightlife.

The Balearic Island boasts a wide range of stunning fairways, suitable for all abilities and handicaps—so you don’t need to leave Sir Shanks A-Lot at home.

Whether you pick the T Golf fairways or one of the three championship loops at the Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel, you can satisfy the groom’s golf cravings.

As for Majorca’s party scene, we’ve got one word: Magaluf. If you don’t have a wild party here, you’ve done something wrong.

A tame alternative would be Palma, with stunning restaurants and luxury cocktail bars, still providing a party experience fit for a bunch of legends.

Head to Majorca and you’ll be livin’ la vida loca on your golf stag do.

🍻 Average Beer Price: €4.82

🍽 Local Dish: Frit Mallorqui

Lisbon – Portugal


It’s an up-and-coming classic. Home to some of Europe’s best fairways, a vibrant city, and stunning culture, it’s not hard to understand why it’s become so popular.

As they’re all within proximity, booking one course doesn’t exclude the other. For example, The West Cliff Golf Links or Praia D’El Rey—where will you play first?

The Praia D’El Rey Resort or the Troia Hotel are stunning. Situated on the coast, with state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll begin to understand the true meaning of lavish living.

Lisbon is one of Europe’s trendiest nights out. A diverse and vibrant scene that offers nightclubs and bars until the early hours of the morning.

But most importantly, Lisbon is the home of Sagres, so drink up!

🍻 Average Beer Price: €3.00

🍽 Local Dish: Bacalhau á brás

Bristol – England


A stag classic with some underrated South West golfing gems. Bristol is one hell of a stag city, possibly the most popular choice in the UK.

From The Bristol Golf Club to The Players Golf Club, you’re left with an excellent range of loops for the groom to choose from. If that’s not enough, Cumberwell Park is nearby too, so you’re surrounded by world-class fairways.

The hype around Bristol is genuine—a bouncing city, filled with quirky, cool, up-market nightclubs and bars for diverse tastes.

Bristol truly has it all. An excellent stag do location and an even better golf stag do location.

Get lost in Bristol’s bustling nightlife and championship courses.

🍻 Average Beer Price: £4.32

🍽 Local Dish: Colston bun

Tenerife – Spain


The Sunshine Island. Just West of Morocco, you’re never troubled with dreary weather—unlike England… so it’s perfect for a golfing stag do.

The beauty of this island is the year-round sun, so you can play stunning courses like the Buenavista Golf Club while topping up your tan and admiring the sublime surroundings.

Tenerife is home to superclubs and live music which are the perfect ingredients for the big man’s send-off.

On the other hand, the quieter side of the nightlife offers scenic bars to relax and unwind (but we doubt you’ll do much of that).

For food, Tenerife has the Spanish classics, but the unique island dishes vary from mojo sauce and salted potatoes to rabbit stew.

It’s a classic location for a big group of stags.

🍻 Average Beer Price: €2.50

🍽 Local Dish: Mojo and Papas Arrugadas

Edinburgh – Scotland


One for the purists. You wake up, roll out of bed in a cosy Scottish hotel, open the curtains, and the East Lothian coast and its many links lie in the distance.

And this doesn’t mean you can’t also have a riot in Edinburgh. A rare location where top-tier fairways don’t sacrifice nightlife; it’s one of the UK’s best nightlife scenes.

Gullane Golf Club, Kilspindie, and Craigielaw are among some of the best within the area and they offer the classic links that many golfing fanatics crave on their bucket list.

Edinburgh’s nightlife is notoriously bouncing. From whiskey tasting to cosy bars, to sightseeing and Scottish ales and everything in between, it’s worthy of the groom’s last weekend of freedom.

Get to Edinburgh and have an unrivalled golf stag do.

🍻 Average Beer Price: £4.55

🍽 Local Dish: Haggis

Cardiff – Wales


If there’s one thing the groom deserves on his stag, it’s playing a Ryder Cup course.

Staying in the Cardiff city centre guarantees unforgettable party memories, hours of entertainment, and short travel times to premium fairways.

The Celtic Manor Twenty Ten Course was built for the Ryder Cup, now it’s time to host the groom’s very own Ryder Cup. Who is the stag’s Colin Montgomerie?

And what’s Occurring in Cardiff? Everything. It’s always popping off in the Welsh capital. The clubs and bars are always jam-packed, with the Welsh always knowing how to execute a wild night out.

A golf stag do in Cardiff will impress the entire group for years.

🍻 Average Beer Price: £4.00

🍽 Local Dish: Rarebit

Bournemouth – England


Sun, sand, booze, and some of England’s finest parkland fairways.

Bournemouth has a success rate of 100% and with Parkstone Golf Club, Remedy Oak, and The Isle of Purbeck, it’s obviously the South West’s golfing crown jewel.

From the beach to the beers, and the nightlife with bustling clubs and bars, all the stag do essentials are ticked in Bournemouth.

Unlike many places, it has lots of stag-friendly bars, so you won’t be turned away on your big night out.

If you want to impress the groom with a golf-centred stag and legendary nightlife antics, then look no further than Bournemouth.

🍻 Average Beer Price: £4.00

🍽 Local Dish: Fish and Chips

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