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Ultimate Golf Team Name Generator

Our golf team name generator will provide you with team names to use out on the fairways for your next holiday. Some hilarious, some hilariously tragic. We've got your back for any type of team name you desire to spice up your group tournament.

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Check out the list we've compiled to give you some inspiration for your team's name. Whether you're looking for guaranteed laughs or one that sounds like the winning team, look no further!

Funny Golf Team Names

  1. The Swingers
  2. Balls Deep
  3. Fore Play
  4. Glory Hole
  5. Par-Tee Animals
  6. Afraid of the Dark
  7. The Divots
  8. Complete and Putter Madness
  9. The Wedgies
  10. Designated Drivers
  11. The Sultans of Swing
  12. The Mulligans
  13. Who's Your Caddie?
  14. The Lumberjacks
  15. The Long Shafts
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The Best Golf Team Names

  1. A Stroke of Luck
  2. The Albatrosses
  3. Get In There!
  4. Fairway To Heaven
  5. Stroke Champs
  6. Beers and Cheers
  7. The Natural Hazards
  8. Putter's Tavern
  9. Shooter McGavin's
  10. 19th Hole Lovers
  11. Long Shot
  12. Drunk Drivers
  13. The Bogey Monster's
  14. The Fantastic Fore
  15. The Chili Dippers

Awesome Golf Team Names

  1. The Rough Boys
  2. 99 Problems and A Beach Ain't One
  3. Up To Par
  4. Killer Shots
  5. Raging Balls
  6. Super Shank Shooters
  7. Long Drive Crew
  8. Dancefloor Legends
  9. Wall Street Drivers
  10. Pro Swingers
  11. The Mouth Wedges
  12. Kings of the Green
  13. Iron Lads
  14. The Back Spinners
  15. Run For Your Money

Golf Team Names for Beginners

  1. Stroke of Bad Luck
  2. The Duffers Club
  3. No Course for Alarm
  4. The Beach Boys
  5. Army Golf Gang
  6. Sir Shanks A Lot
  7. Fore!
  8. Son of a Pitch
  9. The Gimme More
  10. Mini Golfers
  11. The Happy Gilmores
  12. Diamonds in the Rough
  13. Swing and Miss
  14. Any Hole Is A Goal
  15. The Sand Trappers

Food and Drink-Based Golf Team Names

  1. The Mulligan Munchers
  2. Birdie Bites
  3. Eagle Eaters
  4. Par-Tee Platters
  5. The Chip and Dip Crew
  6. Bunker Brunchers
  7. The Iron Chefs
  8. Tee-Time Crew
  9. Putt and Pint Posse
  10. The Iron Brews

Nature-Based Golf Team Names

  1. The Forest Fairways
  2. Meadow Masters
  3. Green Thumb Whisperer
  4. Out-In-The-Open Swingers
  5. Birdie Whisperers
  6. The Leafy Links
  7. The Natural Aces
  8. Woodland Warriors
  9. The Sunset Strollers
  10. Wildlife Whackers

Equipment-Based Golf Team Names

  1. The Iron Warriors
  2. Putting Pros
  3. Wedge Wizards
  4. Golf Ball Bandits
  5. Tee-Off Titans
  6. Glove Gang
  7. Buggy Riders
  8. Caddie Crew
  9. The Bag Swingers
  10. Iron Maidens

Choosing a great name for your golf team can be difficult. When you're booking a golf trip, it's probably the last thing on your mind. But we don't want you to have an average holiday.

As you can see, there are so many options. These will get a laugh out on the fairways and be hilarious on the scorecards. So, use our golf team name generator, or choose from our list and prepare to play like a champ.


How do you come up with a catchy team name?

Decide what kind of name you want. Something serious and cool, or something daft and hilarious? Once you've narrowed down the theme, use our list for inspiration or use our golf team name generator.

What are some famous golf expressions?

Golf has such a wide range of expressions. Some include a Birdie: A score of one less than par. Bogey: A score of one over par. Buzzard: A score of two over par. Beach: A term used for a sand bunker.

What name should I give to my team?

You can give your team whatever name you want. Give them out randomly or select them together. We recommend narrowing down the theme and then selecting based on that. Or you can always let the golf team name generator do the work.

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