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Frequently Asked Questions

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Weather Policy

Weather changes constantly, so amendments to the golf courses or hotels, such as changes in tee times or possible closure of the course.

Here are our weather policies below, to ensure you are aware:

Before the date of arrival

If you have any questions on course-specific weather policies, then ask our team through email: golf@groupia.com

If you decide to raise any concerns over weather interruptions before your holiday, we can contact the golf course and investigate for you. If you then decide not to travel, we will attempt to postpone your golf holiday to the best of our ability. However, this is dependent on the supplier's policies based on the circumstances. Each golf course or hotel has different policies. Also, refunds are unavailable despite any type of circumstance.

Throughout your golf holiday

In the event of closure whilst on your golf holiday, preventing you from playing golf, we will attempt to provide a form of refund or voucher to compensate for the interruptions that prevented the holiday. However, it is important to note that this cannot be guaranteed.

Each golf course and accommodation has its weather policies, so ultimately the final decisions on refunds and vouchers are in the hands of those who make executive decisions at the golf course or hotel. So, we will not be held responsible in the event of bad weather.

Playing golf on short-term replacement greens or tee boxes is a possibility that is faced when you book a winter golf trip. So, these circumstances are non-refundable as can often be expected. In the case of bad weather, courses may implement a ban on either or both trolleys and buggies which are decided by those at the course. It's in the best interest of the club to protect the high standards maintained on the greens and fairways.

Significant Information

The information listed below is given through our experience booking over 700,000 trips. Please read these thoroughly, as this will guarantee your expectations are fulfilled and that we are fully committed.

Tee Times

Tee times are important, so we will do everything within our power to secure these. It is important to note that accommodation and golf courses have the power to reserve/block tee times if they wish. If your tee time is unavailable, we will do our best to book the tee time closest to your requested one. However, there is no guarantee that we can secure your requested tee time and we will not be held responsible.

During peak season, golf resorts can be bustling, so playing a round of up to 4.5 hours can be expected as an average playing time. These are time-dependent based on the season you book and how busy the course is at the time of playing. We are not responsible for the duration of play on the golf course.

Playing Conditions

The playing conditions of a course may vary, despite constantly being checked and maintained to a great standard. On short notice, perhaps due to weather, groundsmen are forced to make changes to the course that may disrupt playability. As these events may occur on short notice, we may not always be notified of such incidences. Courses may become dry to due intense heat, require draining due to rain or be unplayable in the events of snow or ice. We are not responsible for any of these situations and will not be held accountable.


During the booking of a golf holiday, courses may demand proof of handicap beforehand to ensure you meet the standards of the course. Upon booking, a handicap certificate is required for courses that demand such information. The golf courses have the right to refuse those without handicap certificates or refuse those who are deemed to have too high a handicap. This is standard practice and course etiquette, so these rules and requests must be respected during the booking process.

Dress Code

Adhering to the course dress code at all times is standard practice and etiquette. It's vital. If you fail to do so, refused entrance to either the course or clubhouse is possible, and we will not be held accountable for these executive decisions and rules. The dress code is confirmed in your booking and can commonly be found on the club's website information section.

In addition, some hotels implement a dress code for dining which can also be found in your booking confirmation, or on the accommodation's website information page. Refused entrance to the hotel restaurant booking is possible if you fail to adhere to the hotel's restaurant dress code. We are not held accountable for any ruling implemented by the course or accommodation in terms of attire.


Any damage caused or loss is completely your responsibility, and you accept this when you book through Groupia. We will not be held accountable for any damage caused or loss. Any form of damage payments requested by a property must be paid immediately by you or your party members and we will not be held liable for any of these payments.

In the event of any reports from a property or external party, any behaviour that causes offence, damage, or danger, the supplier and Groupia are within the right to make a judgement on these reports and terminate the holiday. After termination, neither our company nor the supplier will be held responsible for your party. This includes any travel or accommodation amendments. Refunds will be unavailable, and the company is not held accountable for covering any damage costs or further costs upon termination of the holiday.

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