Top Tips for Booking Flights for the Golf Trip

Top Tips for Booking Flights for the Golf Trip


Getting stressed out about the thought of booking flights for the golf trip?

Don’t sweat it.

While getting everybody to book the same flight seems like a pain, it can be pretty simple if you follow the steps below.

1. Book the Golf Trip Before Your Flights

Booking your golf trip before the flights

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Once you sort the golf side of the holiday with a deposit, you can focus on securing your flights to guarantee that you arrive at your destination.

Best of All

Only one person has to pay a £50 deposit to secure the trip. The rest can pay theirs later.

Flexible Deposits! Our small deposits make booking your golf trip an absolute breeze. This means the group can book their flights with the trip secured.

On top of this, the remaining group members don’t need to pay their final balance until 8 weeks before the event.

2. Book Yours and the Group Will Follow

Golf trip flights

It’s simple.

Book the flights, tell the gang where you’re flying from, the departure times, and when you’re landing, and they will follow.

Watch them book ASAP.

3. Cheaper Flights If You Book Early.

Cheap golf trip flights

Flights are steep if you book closer to the holiday.

Save cash by booking flights for the golf trip as early as possible.

Extra Hacks for Planning a Golf Trip

Planning a golf trip

Enough of the flights. It’s time to become an expert in booking a golf trip.

From choosing a destination, a killer course, a suitable hotel or resort, and everything in between, we’ve got it covered.

Flying With Clubs

Flying with golf clubs

It’s one of golf travel’s biggest debates. Do you fly with your clubs or hire at the course?

If you’re heading abroad, this can cause a headache, considering the luggage you’re already taking.

Read our Idiot-Proof Guide to Travelling with Golf Clubs and skip the faff and stress.

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