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Step By Step Guide To Planning Golf Trips Abroad: The Fairway To Heaven


So, you want to organise a group golf trip.

It’s been a while since you and the gang got together on the fairways, had a few brews, and topped up your tans.

However, planning a trip can be daunting and complicated.

Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered because we’ve organised over 600,000 group trips.

It’s difficult to know where to start because it’s got all the complexity of a holiday, plus, you’re researching golf courses, handicap information, booking tee times, and practising your swing so you don’t slice it on the first tee-off.

Look no further than our step-by-step guide to planning golf trips abroad below and you’ll be schooling your mates on a fairway under the sun in no time.

Planning a golf trip
  1. Deciding The Budget
  2. Time of Year
  3. Picking A Destination
  4. Choosing A Golf Course
  5. Selecting Accommodation
  6. Golf Insurance
  7. Passport and Travel Documents
  8. Plan Itinerary
  9. Packing
  10. Tee Times
  11. Handicap Certificates
  12. We Remove All The Hassle
  13. FAQ

💸 Deciding The Budget

Golf trip budget

Once you’ve got the group chat together or begun to plan over some pints, you must get an estimate on the budget. Why? It guarantees everybody’s on the same page, understands what they’ll need to put forward, and gauges who can afford what.

Sure, money can be an awkward conversation.

But this way, there will be no disagreements further down the line or any awkward drop-outs halfway through the booking process.

Nobody needs that stress.

Costs to consider are:

  • Travel
  • Green fees
  • Food
  • Activities
  • A Kitty for swing oil (of course)
  • Accommodation

☀️ Time of Year

Golf trip time of year

Are you looking for a summer blowout on sunny fairways with ice-cold beers?

Or looking for a windy coastal round, finishing off in a cosy 19th with a huge steak? Well, the time of year is dead important as it determines all of this.

If you’re looking for year-round sun then consider the popular Majorca or the golfing mecca that is the Algarve.

Want a winter links experience? Then maybe Scotland will satisfy this craving.

But if you want to avoid rain like the mate who avoids getting a round of beers at the clubhouse, then you should stick to the summer months.

Just a heads up, peak season is usually summer, so the fairways will be packed like a PGA Tour crowd.

📍 Picking A Destination

Picking a golf trip destination

The most crucial step.

Which location will be your golfing playground? Get a sense of whether the group want to swing all day and party or night or hit the fairways in a secluded area.

The Algarve is suitable for both of these, whereas somewhere like Majorca might favour the former.

Not to mention your destination typically changes the whole experience from terrain, scenery, and the style of the course.

Next, national cuisine. Consider that somewhere like France might be less tolerant of your fussy mate’s taste buds, whereas places elsewhere are flexible.

Did we forget beer? Will you wash down a paella with Estrella, or knock back your Piri Piri chicken with a lovely pint of Sagres?

If you need some ideas to tee off, check out our destinations page.

Choosing A Golf Course

Choosing a golf course

Another essential step. Researching and deciding which fairways you’ll trump the squad on is easy when looking through our selection of golf courses.

What are you all in search for?

A bucket-list championship top 100 to brag about, or some excellent hidden gems that are unique to anything at home. Or perhaps you’re looking for an authentic links experience or a parkland loop.

Another key consideration is how many rounds you want to play.

Either way, when you book through us, you’re guaranteed to create unforgettable memories on world-class fairways.

Experts pick our selection to complete the ultimate holiday.

🏨 Selecting Accommodation

Golf trip accommodation

The style of your accommodation and the location are essential.

If you’re seeking comfort, luxury, and top-class facilities, then splashing the cash on a 5-star hotel should be your priority.

If you’re golf-focused, then check out our stay and play packages, where you stay a putting distance from the loop.

Many other simple hotels are available if you’re seeking no-frills accommodation or if you’re spending on a lower budget.

These are great for unwinding and nursing those sore heads from the night before, while still located to nearby courses.

Another factor: do you want to stay right in the thick of it, just a stroll to the beach bars and restaurants, or would you rather keep a par-5 distance between you and all the action?

Each has its positives, so we’ll let you decide. Check out our wide range of accommodation.

🏌️ Golf Insurance

Golf insurance

We strongly recommend you purchase golf insurance before getting on that dream holiday. It’s a life-saver.

Whether it’s covering any unpredictable incidents, travel issues, or protecting those precious clubs it’s vital as it will cover all of these.

Especially if you’re travelling abroad, airlines could damage or lose your clubs on the way and we don’t want you losing those beauties, do we now?

Not to mention it might protect you from any golf-related injuries (there’s always that one mate you need to keep clear of when teeing off).

Overall, you must prepare for the worst, although we hope you won’t need to use it.

✈️ Passport and Travel Documents

Golf trip passport and travel documents

If you forget these, that’s not the best start is it, mate?

Always check everybody has their passports before heading off to the airport or it’s the walk of shame to the exit for them.

We don’t want any of you to be that person, so just pack your passport first thing.

Most countries require specific legal entrance documents.

From having an up-to-date passport to visa requirements or other documents, it’s always best to research and check on information for travelling abroad.

Plan Itinerary

Golf trip packing equipment

While golf is more than a lifestyle and the main reason you’re booking this holiday, there’s much more to consider.

The swing oil doesn’t have to stop once the 19th hole closes.

If you’re staying in a lively town, there will be sublime restaurants to explore, local beers to try, and nightclubs to keep you up until the early morning.

On those days with morning headaches (you know what we mean), a round of golf doesn’t have to be the only cure.

Spend a day on the local beach or head out for sightseeing and analyse the action from the fairways over lunch.

🧳 Packing


Now, getting organised and packing your suitcases for the exciting trip ahead is in order.

You’ll need to pack all your clubs, balls, tees, appropriate golf attire, and your best gear for hitting up the town.

Passports, alongside other essential items, will allow for smooth travel, so all you’ll need to worry about is bringing you’re a-game on the dancefloor (yep, we mean greens and nightclubs).

Check out our Ultimate Golf Trip Packing List, to be the most prepared of the group.

🏌️ Tee Times

Golf trip tee times

Whether you’re a part of the dawn patrol or fancy yourselves some twilight rounds, every group has their preferences for tee times.

Those early morning tees at sunrise are an excellent hangover cure, but you can’t quite beat driving down a luxury fairway as the sun sets either.

Whichever you choose, when you book with us, just tell us which tee times you want, and we’ll secure this for you. Pretty damn good, right?

Handicap Certificates

Golf handicap certificates

Resorts and courses request proof of handicap or handicap certification before booking.

You’ll need these to book the holiday, so be aware that you will all need to meet the minimum skill level required to play.

Make sure everyone is on board with this.

Your best bet is getting a handicap certificate from your local club, they’ll calculate it for you and gift you certification to hand over during the booking process for a holiday.

They may refuse to allow play if you don’t have a handicap or don’t meet the required skill level.

But because you’re all a bunch of pros, we’re sure you’ve already got that covered.

We Remove All The Hassle! 🤯

Plan your golf trip

When you book through Groupia Golf, it’s more than playing on world-class greens.

Our individual payment system means you don’t have to chase the group for cash and a small £50 deposit secures your trip.

We’re ABTA accredited, so all financial aspects are protected. 

Yep, how good is that?

We save you time, money, and stress by managing all the faff and boring aspects of the booking.

You just worry about hitting the fairways.

Whether you build your own holiday or use one of our ready-made packages, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable trip.

Book your golf trip with Groupia Golf

Elevate your
Group Golf Trip


Where are the best golfing holidays?

You can pretty much go on an epic golfing holiday anywhere. Golf is scattered across the globe, so you can have the pleasure of teeing off everywhere in the world. That’s the beauty of it.

According to industry statistics, the most popular holiday destinations were Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Turkey, France, and America.

Where is the most expensive place to golf?

It can be expensive particularly if you want to play at an iconic course or one of the championship grounds.

It also depends on if you’re booking during peak season (when prices are highest) or during off-season (when prices are lowest). If you’re playing a top 100, expect to fork out more than usual.

Where is the best place to play golf in Europe?

Europe is home to some of the world’s best. The UK has beautiful parkland fairways to try out and authentic links that many consider the best in the world.

Somewhere like the Algarve, Portugal, is renowned for its world-class golf holiday destinations, with luxury hotels and championship courses accompanied by perfect year-round weather. It all depends on preferences.

Final Thoughts

We take away all the stress from the process of booking a golf holiday, so you don’t need to worry about it.

If you follow our step-by-step guide to planning golf trips abroad and book with us, it’ll elevate your holiday like no other.

Before you know it, you’ll be sinking putts on the green and rewarding yourself with some swing oil at the clubhouse.

Build your very own golf holiday or book our ready-made packages now for an unforgettable time on the fairways.

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