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The Ultimate Golf Trip Packing List



Packing for a golf trip

You hear stories of people who think they’re all set and arrive at the resort, but they’ve forgotten their clubs.

Great start.

We don’t want you to be that guy. We also don’t want you to spend your beer money on equipment at the Proshop because you left it at home in the garage.

But don’t worry. We’ve put together a golf trip packing list, so you can have the best holiday possible.

Before you go, these are urgent:

  • Check the golf course dress code (you won’t be allowed to play if you don’t follow this).
  • Check the weather (somewhere like Scotland is unpredictable so bear your location in mind).
  • Check the itinerary (different clothing for different needs).

Golf Equipment

Packing clubs for a golf trip

The important part. Although it seems obvious, packing can be stressful, and you can end up forgetting the essentials.

In the build-up of discussing the holiday with the guys, you can get carried away and excited with what lies ahead.

It goes without saying, but you’ll struggle to play golf without these items. Let’s make sure you’re completely kitted out and ready to go.

Here’s the absolutes:

  • Golf Clubs (bring your best to beat the rest)
  • Travel Bag for Golf Clubs (essential for transporting all your gear)
  • Balls and Tees (pack lots as you might lose some)
  • An Extra Driver Shaft (for those speedy swingers)
  • Rain Hood and Umbrella (for those rainy days on the course)
  • Lucky Gloves (we’ve all got a pair)
  • Pencils (to write your winning scorecard)
  • GPS (for your travel bag in the disaster that it gets lost)
  • Golf Towel (drying off all the equipment in case of rainy weather)

Golf Clothing

Golf clothing

We want you to roll out onto the course in style. Clothing can be a tricky one though, so it’s always best to check the dress code before arriving.

The game is modernising, but some clubs are particular about what you wear.

No, we aren’t talking about knee-high socks and daft knitted jumpers.

But you can’t go wrong with the classic chinos and a polo top out on the fairways.

This way you won’t be forced to purchase the club’s required attire from the Proshop.

Here’s what to take:

  • Pack your finest chinos and smartest polos (look good, feel good, play even better).
  • Golf Shoes (with all the rounds you’re playing, support and comfort are key).
  • Favourite Hat (keep safe from the sun and focus on thrashing your mates).
  • Sunglasses (useful if it’s sunny, but it removes the excuse of the sun for your duffer shots).

Smart and Casual Clothing

Smart and casual golf clothing

Off the course, we all know the fun doesn’t stop.

You’ll be sitting down for a relaxing meal whilst catching up on the action from the loop and then hitting the town and getting on the beers. For this, you’ll need to step out in your best stitches.

Whether you’re taking on some of the finest courses in Wales or visiting the golfing Mecca that is the Algarve, you must be prepared for all the activities the group will take on.

Check this list out:

  • Smart clothes for meals out and bars (get your best clobber on).
  • Shit shirts or holiday tour t-shirts (is this the best dress theme night of them all?)
  • Forfeit clothes (for the losers of the round)
  • Swimwear (don’t be that guy whose trunks are too small).
  • Flip flops and sliders (you’ll need to give those feet a rest after walking the loop).
  • Pack for all types of weather – coats, waterproofs, sweatshirts (you never know!)


Golf packing

While extras might not be at the top of your list, some things just make your life that little bit easier. After all, we want you to have a smooth holiday.

Just because it isn’t golf-related, it doesn’t mean it isn’t needed.

Whether it’s a little hack to make things fun or something practical to help you out, this list will get you ahead of the others and make your holiday that little bit better.

Don’t forget these:

  • Paracetamol – you might need this one for the mornings (if you get what we mean…)
  • Personal tournament cards (play your own Ryder Cup by packing special scorecards).
  • Handicap proof from your local club (some clubs are more uptight about this than others).
  • Beer cooler bag for the course (keep that swing oil as cool as you on the green).
  • Sun cream and after-sun (everybody laughs at that “rosy-cheeked” friend).
  • Drinking games (whether it’s a deck of cards or some hilarious drinking game, this always makes for a fun way to tee off the evening).
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How many golf balls should I pack?

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned veteran or a bit of a duffer, having spare balls is vital.

Although we hope you don’t, it’s easy to send your ball swimming or lose it in the rough.

We recommend packing anywhere up to 12, that’s what the pros do.

Do I need to buy anything for a golf trip?

If you have everything from our golf trip packing list, there’s no need to buy anything. But if you’re excited about the trip, why not treat yourself to some new gear to show off on the greens?

Another idea might be to invest in a guy’s tour t-shirt or shit shirt to wear out on the course or to have ready when you hit the town.

How much is it to take golf clubs on holiday?

If you’re planning on travelling abroad, then taking your clubs is like luggage. Each airline has different rules, prices, and conditions for packing your clubs.

We recommend that you research the airline beforehand to prepare for their terms, weight restrictions, measurements, and costs.

Do I need a golf travel bag?

A golf travel bag is pretty much an essential. After all, your golf clubs are an investment, they’re your pride and joy, and your weapons on the fairways.

A good golf travel bag will ensure your clubs are well-protected during your travels, particularly abroad when they go through customs.

How do I prepare for a golf weekend?

We recommend packing everything on our list to have the ultimate golfing experience. Other than that, we suggest you create an itinerary of activities to keep you busy after golf.

Another good way to prepare is to research the best local restaurants and bars beforehand, so you always end up where it’s popping off. 

Why not practice your game to get ahead of the group as well?

Final Thoughts

We want you to enjoy your trip. It’s a rite of passage for your group and the chance to make unforgettable memories.

While no break is the same, we’re sure that if you follow our advice, you’ll be set to have the best golf holiday.

You’ll be prepared for all the action and any issues that get thrown in your direction.

What are you waiting for? Get packing that suitcase, follow our golf trip packing list and enjoy an unforgettable golf holiday.

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