Groupia Golf Go To Dubai

Groupia Golf Go To Dubai


At Groupia Golf, we practice what we preach, and when we asked Steve if he’d like to go and play golf in Dubai, and leave us behind in dreary England, he was packed and ready to go.

Steve hopped on a plane and was ready to swing into action in the UAE’s most popular golf destination for nearly two weeks.

Better than a poke in the eye…

Scroll down to find out what Steve’s thoughts are.

How Was it Getting to Dubai? 🛫

“Getting to Dubai was pretty easy, and Emirates Airline had lots of options each day from London Heathrow.”

“The flight was around 7 hours, and our driver was waiting for us when we landed, so it was easy to get to our destination.”

What Were Your First Thoughts?

Al Zorah golf course in Dubai

“The courses were in fantastic condition, especially Al Zorah.”

“The greens were very fast and it took some time to get used to. Thankfully we weren’t playing snake, or it would have been an expensive round.”

Which Golf Courses Did You Play?

Dubai Hills golf course in Dubai

“I also played Dubai Hills and shot an 88 with some suspect hire clubs. There was nothing wrong with them, the spec just didn’t suit my swing.”

“The driver was very whippy, and it could’ve done some damage to the expensive houses surrounding the course. I retired the chief early and made my way around with the irons instead.”

Tell Us About Accommodation

“I actually stayed with relatives who live in Dubai.”

“But, if you plan on booking a Dubai golf trip, there are plenty of amazing options to suit all pockets.”

How Was the Travel Between the Course and Accommodation? 🚗

“Dubai Hills was only 15 minutes from my accommodation in Al Safa 1, so it was nice and simple to grab a taxi and hit the course.”

“Al Zorah is actually not in Dubai. It’s in the neighbouring emirate of Ajmen.”

“It was only 40 minutes away by car and it’s actually closer than heading down to Abu Dhabi. I had an arranged transfer for this one.”

Is the Course Etiquette Different to England?

“The etiquette is actually the exact same as the UK, so just behave as you normally would and enjoy the round respectfully.”

“The clubhouse was amazing, so you really wanted to dress to impress.”

Did You Take Your Clubs or Hire? 🏌️‍♂️

Golf clubs

“I hired them, and I wouldn’t again. If you’re going to play an amazing course, you want to give it your best shot.”

“While the hire clubs were in very good condition, it doesn’t come close to swinging your own.”

“The cost of getting your clubs out to Dubai is cheaper than hiring them for 2 rounds.”

Did You Buy Golf Insurance?

“No, I have annual travel insurance that covers golf.”

“But if you’re booking a golf trip, it’s always important to buy insurance if you don’t already have cover.”

What Was The Weather Like? 🌅

Dubai golf weather

“With the weather in the UK this winter being particularly bad, it was a welcoming feeling to have shorts on and play in 25°C.”

“I would recommend anywhere between October to April to play in the UAE, as the average daily maximum in the summer can hit the 40s.”

What Else Is There to Do in Dubai?

Dubai beaches

“Dubai is a playground; you can do almost anything.”

“I would always advise having at least one free day in your golf itinerary to head to one of the malls or head down to Jumeirah Beach Residence and Dubai’s amazing beach fronts.”

Drinking in Dubai 🍻

Drinking in Dubai

“Just drink responsibly, that’s it.”

“You hear all kinds of stories, but it’s become more acceptable over the years, and you can get a drink in most venues attached to a hotel.”

“I won’t lie though, drinking in Dubai is expensive. A pint could cost you in excess of 35 Dirhams (approximately £7.50).”

Any Final Thoughts?

“Dubai is a brilliant golf location, and there’s something for everyone.”

“It should be on everybody’s bucket list for a golf trip.”

Cheers, Steve!

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