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Golf Breaks in Bulgaria Golf Breaks in Bulgaria

Golf Breaks in Bulgaria


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Why Book Bulgaria for a Golf Holiday

Golf is growing massively in Bulgaria. Look, while there aren't many courses on offer, the available ones will blow your socks off. Seriously. Quality over quantity, right?

Over the last few years, the Balkan nation has stomped its mark on the European golf scene, thanks to the hosting of a European Tour event.

Affordable, stunning, and world-class loops. Talk about bang for your buck.

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The Bulgaria Golf Experience

The sheer natural beauty of Bulgaria alone seduces golfers to book their holiday here. Add to this the perfect natural terrain, stunning weather and often state-of-the-art facilities and you've got a hole-in-one package location. It's what your sexy golf technique deserves.

It's affordable (which we'll get to later) and most of the courses are true bucket listers. The kind to feature on your golf calendar. Each provides varied challenges with some holes being the most unique your clubs will ever grace.

Top Reasons To Book Golf Holidays in Bulgaria


Bulgaria recently had the pleasure of hosting a European Tour. And this comes as no surprise. The courses available, especially near Varna, are among the ones to play before you die, and the facilities are European Tour-worthy. The Balkan setting is the perfect place for golf.


Bulgaria's edgy Eastern European culture compliments the nightlife atmosphere so well that it's becoming a magnet for action lovers. Whether you choose Sofia or Varna, it'll be a night to remember with its massive party atmosphere across both cities.

We can't forget the most important part. Drinks. After all, you need to quench that golfer's thirst... Alcohol is ridiculously cheap, with pints on the lower end costing around £0.78. Pinch yourself, you're not dreaming.

So, even the tight friend might get a round in, if you're lucky.


Bulgarian food is typical of Eastern Europe because it's hearty, fresh, and filling. A prime example is the Shopska salad, the perfect nutritious fuel before you beat the competition on the fairways. Food is cheap in Bulgaria, so no need to budget for meals.

A must-try is of course the national beer. Kamenitza is Bulgaria's favourite lager that produces over six different variations. Will you get familiar with this? Most likely.


You're spoilt for choice of culturally rich, action-packed, and party-central locations when you book Bulgaria. While Sofia is popular, Varna is best known for golf. The area is becoming a golf hotspot, putting Bulgaria on the European golfing map with three cream of the crop courses.

Tips for Golf Holidays in Spain


The weather ranges throughout the year. If you're seeking a tan and stunning weather during your round then booking around June to August is best. It's typical Central European weather. During the winter months, the temperature can drop significantly, so pack accordingly.

Golf Courses

Among keen golfers, everybody talks about Cypress Point. That's right, the one JFK was supposedly refused entry to (you've got no chance). So, let's be honest, that's not going to happen. Enter Thracian Cliffs. One of the most picturesque loops with the most awesome holes you'll experience.

Best Time of the Year

The summer months are by far the best. Considering this brings the best weather, party season, prime golf, and general scenery, it's the peak season. Winter golf is available throughout the colder months, but it's not going to be winter sun like the Algarve.

The Team's Opinion

Bulgaria is on the rise. Stunning courses, incredibly cheap alcohol, absolutely bouncing party locations alongside awesome resorts and you've got a cracking golf trip on your hands. It's only going to grow in popularity, so why not book it while it's still an underrated gem? Be one of the first.

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"I had a fantastic time booking the weekend away. 10/10 all the way through."


While most overlook Bulgaria for golf, it's an awesome location for the game. It's the people's package, making golf holidays affordable. Not to mention the premium standard courses and world-class golf resorts available.

Golf in Bulgaria is famously affordable. Even the best courses are much cheaper than championship courses across Europe, with some green fees costing under £50. Bulgaria in general is a cheap holiday.

As it stands, there are 10 golf courses in Bulgaria. But as we mentioned, quality over quantity, and these certainly hit the quality criteria. The best golf course in Bulgaria is Thracian Cliffs, near Varna, which is highly rated by European golf fanatics.

If you're booking a golf holiday around Thracian Cliffs, then finding the nearest airport is vital. The nearest is Varna Airport, which is around 66.7km from the Thracian Resort and golf course.

Book Your Bulgaria Golf Holiday Now!

Bulgaria offers a unique experience. When you think of golf holidays, you fear breaking the bank on resorts, courses, and general outings. Well, not here.

This budget-friendly destination offers everybody the chance to play on world-class fairways, dine out to their hearts content and dance until the early morning. It's one of a kind.

Build your dream Bulgaria golf holiday now or choose one of our packages!

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