How To Play St Andrews Old Course: The Ballot


Are you wondering how to play St Andrews Old Course? The daily ballot gives golfers the best chance of getting a rare tee time.

The ballot is by far the most popular method for grabbing a spot at the home of golf.

Read below to discover how this legendary golf lottery works!

🎟️ How the Ballot Works

  1. You need at least two players, but no more than four.
  2. All information, handicaps, and names of golf clubs are required.
  3. One person can enter up to three others.
  4. Enter online, call +44 (0)1334 466666 or visit the Old Pavilion or the St Andrews Clubhouse.
  5. The ballot closes two days before your requested tee time at 2 pm.
  6. At 2 pm, when the ballot closes, the winners are announced at roughly 4:30 pm the same day.
  7. Get your results by going online or calling the above number.

Our Cheat Codes for the Ballot

  • Be flexible. Don’t be fussy with your tee time, this will decrease your chances. Your chances increase if you’re open to morning or afternoon tee times.
  • Always bring handicap proof from your club for the first tee. The handicap limit is 36 for men and women.
  • Do NOT spam entries. Any multiple entries from one party for the same day will be immediately disqualified.
  • You may enter once on multiple days.
  • Thursdays and Saturdays have the most tee times, so book your trip around one of these days.
  • We advise you to include a free day in your trip to guarantee you’re available if you win the ballot.

Looking to Book A Golf Trip Near The Old Course?

St Andrews is one of the world’s most iconic golf locations.

As the birthplace of golf, every fanatic has to tick it off at some point in their careers.

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